UPDATE – Since having being saved from the shaft, Kapka has been adopted by the people who cared for her in the street all her life. She happy and safe…

The construction business crisis left Sofia full of unfinished buildings; social crisis led to the theft of many shaft-tops – sold for the worth of the metal they’re made of; and the crisis in our heads – making so many blind to the suffering of others. And so, at such a construction site at “Botev” boulevard, there were three deep vaults, full of water. These vaults served as a trap for stray animals seeking shelter and they would fall in helplessly.

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Fall? Or be pushed? We don’t know. In any case – no one would come looking for them. But it so happened new people started working there. And the next time a dog fell in, they called 112. The response was – “this is no one’s problem”. But the guards were stubborn and finally, 112 gave them Svetlio’s private number.

So, here he is, our S. Petrov, our “man for everything” – rescuer and builder, hunter and porter, designer and engineer at ARS, comes to the spot, armed with a flashlight, lasso, blanket and the help of Emo from “The Farm”.

Svetlio goes down the vault to get the dog out, but there is something at the bottom. Something white in the darkness. Something that shouldn’t be there. Something to make him sick.


Dog bones. The remains of animals who have found death at this merciless place… And among them, a shivering, tired old girl – frozen and exhausted, but nevertheless – very much alive!

Svetlio took her out and quickly realized what had happened. The poor animal – old and nearly blind. She must have wandered, looking for shelter when she fell in, jailed for days, hoping someone would hear her bark and help. Svetlio gave her a hug, wiped the water off her, and she just curled up and gave into sleep. We named her Kapka. It means “drop of water”.

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Kapka is now at the shelter. It turned out she is a loved homeless animal – people took care of her in the street, but she disappeared on New Years Eve, scared of the fireworks. Together with her carers, we decided that she would be better off in the shelter – being blind and old, she can no longer keep up with city life. Kapka is now resting and recovering at a quiet box in the warm Franziska clinic, getting used to shelter life.

And the owners of the property where she was found have promised to block the entrance into the vaults so that no more animals would suffer.


13 January 2016 | Blog

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  1. Angela

    I’m so glad that she is rescued I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if she was left there alone!

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