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So much has happened in this last year, turning things around over and over again, changing plans, sweeping through all that was sure and secure with the force of a tsunami, throwing our endeavor about like a little boat in an angry ocean.

As time grows near and the day for shut down no longer seems like a strange predicament in a blurry distant future, it becomes harder to pass down the shelter corridor without a doubt in your heart. A remote feeling of disaster lurks in the corner as the doggies jump to meet their friends, looking into our eyes with hope and trust. Nights become endless in sleeplessness; the working days seem to never end, 24 hours are not enough for anything. It is easy to lose yourself when everything you have dedicated your life to is at stake.


And yet, we are still standing – stronger and more motivated than ever, for a miracle has come our way to light the darkness.

Dear friends, as many of you have noticed, a mighty angel has come to support all of us in our restless efforts to provide a humane shelter to the homeless dogs of Sofia, donating 50 000 euros to our cause and thus, putting our struggle into a new, sunny perspective.

Today we are incredibly happy to let you know that we have reached a turn-over in the effort to purchase the Dream Farm – there are 152 621 Euros in the bank account waiting to be turned into bricks and walls of a safe haven for the saddest critters in this city!

We received many messages asking whom that angel might be, but we must disappoint you – the donor has decided to make this gift for the animals anonymously, respecting every person that has donated what they can toward this good cause. We can only say that this amazing person is one of us – the people whose hearts are open to the suffering dogs of the world, the people who know change when they see it, who believe the future lies in our hands.


The only information we can disclose about this huge donation is that thanks to it, we have a name for our clinic! The new animal clinic at the Farm will be named “The Franziska Clinic” in honor of a person whose dedication has saved so many tortured animals. We will do all in our power to live up to this name, honoring the patron saint of all animals, St. Francis of Asissi and the memory of Franziska who was an example of kindness every single day of her short life.

Maybe if we were poets we could put our gratitude down in writing. If we were artists perhaps we could paint a masterpiece in a genius inspiration. If we could sing, it would be a wonderful song that rings in your heart with joy… But we are dog-people and can only promise the following: the Farm will be the hardest-working and most dedicated place for animals in need of this city. It will bring comfort, health, peace, safety and ultimately – happiness to thousands of stray dogs and cats; that we can promise with a pure heart! And you know it is a promise that will be kept!

May life treat you with nothing but kindness, may happiness flow your way endlessly, BLESS YOU!!!



  • Keith
    Posted 12/12/2013 13:02 0Likes

    Absolutely fantastic! This must mean so much to all of you who have put in so much hard work. There is still much to raise but surely after this wonderful donation the dream of the farm is now closer to reality. What a fantastic leap forward! All the very best to you all for the rest of the fundraising.

    The dogs deserve you.

  • Juniper jones
    Posted 07/12/2013 13:19 0Likes

    So happy 😀 woof!

  • Sarah
    Posted 07/12/2013 11:04 0Likes

    This is fantastic news!

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