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We are very happy to inform you about 4 little dwarves and one lovely giant who have left for their happy new life in Britain thanks to the great help of our wonderful x-pat friends. They are all dogs that have been waiting forever in our shelter. If it was not for the support of our kind colleagues, they would have probably spent their lives behind bars.

fantom before DSC-9471

PHANTOM is born in 2010. He was brought to our shelter from the municipal pound in Seslavci where he was to be euthanized because of his demodex-illness. Like most of the dogs that come from Seslavci he is a bit shy, but is actually a very nice young boy who will stay small. A little persistency and tenderness is all he needs to show his real nature and become your dreamt dog. We are so, so happy that we were able to save him from the death row and he now got this amazing chance.

bree1 bree2

BREE is a little pet that was kicked out of her home when her elderly owner died. She is about 4 years old, very quiet and polite, but felt very unhappy in the shelter environment. She is not one for crowds and loud noises. Bree is a good, patient dog who would prefer to cuddle up with a friend in long, quiet afternoons. We are thrilled she will be having her afternoon tea in England!

tinkerbell1 tinkerbell2

TINKERBELL is one very cute short-legged dog. This tiny dog has been cured from Distemper and after the disease she has a tic on one of her legs. That doesn’t make any less happier and lovable dog than the others and she perfectly fits into our group of Lost Boys and Girls. Born December 2010, neutered and vaccinated, Tinkerbell is an excellent animal that has been sentenced to a life in a cage without any crime. A wonderful dog who will finally get the love she deserves!


VIHRA is 1 year old. She is an exceptionally sweet and clever dog, very friendly and obedient. She is a medium size lightweight dog. Such a precious girl, and small, and with a lovely temperament… It is a mystery to us how she didn’t find a home. She must have been waiting for someone very special! In the UK 🙂

Guiness (1) Guiness (5)

GUINESS is 2 years old, very cuddly and friendly. He is the only big dog in this group, but is an easy one to handle. Guiness is very eager to please and easy to train. Unfortunately, we had to amputate his tail – it was bitten badly by the other dogs. Guiness is a wonderful animal that will adjust to a family very quickly and become a perfect pet. It is wonderful that he will now get the happiness he has dreamt for so long!

Our kindest regards once more to our colleagues for taking care of this group of misfortunates.

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  • Rossi
    Posted 07/03/2013 13:52 0Likes

    Thank you Colette! You are great! Wishing you lots of happiness with them!

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