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пристигнали в холандия

Everyone has arrived safe and sound!


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Dear friends,
the funds needed to send these 34 angels packing have been raised!

All of them will have loving families and a happy life in Holland. If it weren’t for you – their donors and fosters, these abandoned puppies would probably be dead today. And if they were living – it would be a life of loneliness, cold, hunger and pain.

A reminder: at the moment the shelter is full of babies and many more are waiting to be admitted. We have 200 fully prepared puppies and as you can imagine – they have no way of being all rehomed locally. But – there are spaces available with our colleagues abroad. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to make 4 transports to Holland this month. That is a costly endeavor.

Transport 1 – left already
Transport 2 – is the one we just raised the funds for and will travel shortly,
Transport 3 and
Transport 4 are still being planned between us and our colleagues, but FUNDS ARE NEEDED for them as well.
We are doing all we can to find sponsors, but any help is greatly appreciated, however small.

It is really very important to send as many pups as possible, because they are fast to grow and their chances of being quickly adopted lessen each day. We have to do all in our power to empty up space at the Farm, take in the ones waiting in foster care and foster the ones still in the street.

Thank you for giving them the happiness they deserve!

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Dear friends, the situation is as follows:
Currently, there are 137 puppies at the shelter which are ready to travel. 64 more are waiting in foster homes – for space to be cleared so they can be admitted.

The good thing is that we managed to take so many innocent souls off the street. The bad is that this is a whole lot of animals, and they are growing. That’s why we want to do all that is in our power to send them on the road to our colleagues in Holland and Austria.


We have the ambitious plan to make 4 transports in January. This is a huge opportunity, since there have been many adoptions over the holidays and places are available.

Help us send our babies to their homes!
We have green lights for 34 lovely dogs – they can travel this very week!
We need 900BGN more to be able to send the bus to Holland where their lives will start anew!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Thank you for helping, even by little.
There are so many of us – we can make it if we decide to stand together.
Let’s turn a bad life into a good one, let’s give happiness to 34 innocent souls!

Let us introduce you to them:

P1140272 P1140532
Two tiny sisters, obviously the babies of a pet dog, dumped in the street and raised in a foster home.

04_Male - Copie 05_Male - Copie 06_Femelle - Copie 07_Male - Copie
Four of the babies of mommy Olivia – the one that the vets and volunteers rescued that memorable Saturday three months ago.

female1 (2) female2 (1) male1 (1) male2 (2) male3 (1) male4 (2) male5 (2) male6 (1)
Eight little brothers and sisters, found near Borovetz in the middle of nowhere, raised by kind people and very sweet themselves.

2 brothers, 08.2015 (3) 2 brothers, 08.2015 (4)
Two little brothers that were dumped with their sisters less than a month old, they only weighed 200 grams. The family was raised by the amazing foster Vanya. They became really lovely, amazing dogs!

Bambi -female - 03.2015 (1) Bambi -female - 03.2015 (2)
Happy-go lucky Bambie. She was adopted here, but they lost her. And when she was found – they didn’t want her anymore. And it’s always the worst for dogs who are returned, so our colleagues were kind to take her to Holland. Let’s hope we manage to get her there.

female, 2 years old female рада, about 10 kilos, 05.2015
This mommy arrived at the shelter in an unthinkable condition. Emaciated, a walking skeleton, she is obviously a pet that was dumped in the most unfriendly environment – in the middle of the mountain, near the Rilla lakes lift. She is now so much better!
And next to her – little ball of energy Rada – a very friendly and active dog, also raised in a foster family.

female1-01.09.2015 demodex (1) female1-01.09.2015 demodex (2) female2, 28.08.2015
A brother and a sister – came out of nowhere and with a demodex mange. Their brave fosters fought off the disease and the third sister was adopted locally. With them – a yellow-eyed beauty, also fostered.

litter female3, 08.2015 litter of 3-07.2015-female litter of 3-07.2015-male litter of 3-07.2015-male2
Four babies – taken out of Seslavci municipal pound. They were treated in a foster home too. There is a great place that would take all four of them in if we would send them to Holland.

трима (1) трима (2) трима (3)
And these three rascals… The first boy comes from Drujba, he and his sister were dumped at a car-repair shop. She is still too afraid of people to be able to get a place on the bus. In the middle – a little boy who arrived nearly dead of starvation. And a sweet girl from Bobov Dol. The last of her group to go.

Rila-female-09.2015 Tryncho -male, 03.2015 (1)
People would love to have sweet Rila (dumped on the road to Rila monastery) and sweet Trancho – a little guy who was probably bought for a Bulgarian shepherd and then abandoned when he turned out not to be.

There is a future for them.
There is happiness for them.
Will you help them get there?

This very moment, we have 35 other dogs on the road. We sent them packing with what was left of the calendar sales. That also covered all the yearly vignettes in each of the countries the bus passes through, as well as the large fuel credit that had piled up. 3 more transports to go…

At the same time – it’s been four weeks since we’ve been fighting kennel cough at the shelter. Everyone is coughing and the clinic is full of snotty pups – it takes a great deal of money to fix this epidemic. And what is more – the yearly re-vaccination is coming.

We believe we can make it! There is space available – it would be a crime not to send our little ones on the road to a happy life. Thank you for being there for them! They deserve it!



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