Nayden got not a five, but a six-star life with the Mutafchievi family! The poor boy got into their hearts back when we first wrote about him. And when they all came to meet him at the shelter – it was love at first sight.

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Can you believe this is the same boy just 1,5 months ago??? Nayden will fulfill any dogs’ boldest dreams, he must have been burn under a very lucky star, what a change of faith!

Brooklin is the new name of gentle Charlie, adopted by Evelina Despodova and her daughter Andrea. After a few visits to the Farm, the two of them chose the smallest inhabitant of our outside enclosures. He only lived with us for a month after he was abandoned in a factory yard one night. We are so happy he will never learn how winter feels outside!

Bibby the kitten also gets a warm lap for Christmas. Abandoned as a tiny bundle of life, she and her brother found shelter in a foster home and grew up to be kind and loving kitties. We will be expecting a letter to know hew new name in the life she now shares with Katerina Boyajieva.
An interesting fact: unlike the western-European societies, in Bulgaria (and Russia too) a black kitten is more likely to be adopted.

Inseparable Mike and Gray had seemed to have found their people at the adoption weekend, but it didn’t work out. They had to be taken back into foster care. Yes, sometimes it just happens. And of course – we always take our kids back, it’s even in the contract. Only bringing back animals is not a small thing for them, they take it hard.

грей майк

That’s why Nadia always does her best to find fast solutions for the “returned children”. It doesn’t always work out, but Mike and Gray were lucky! The two now have a new and happy home in Holland! And just to think where they started off…

21 December 2015 | Blog

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