Hello, buddies from the Farm!

It’s me – Biggy, only now I have a new name – Brut. I got it from my new people. I still feel a little strange in it, but I’m beginning to like it and get used to it. So, I am writing to let you know how I live. It’s been great! I have a cozy bed, toys and treats. I was kind of worried at first – because you weren’t here, I didn’t know if I was to stay or escape somehow… And there was a Labrador there – a very mischievous boy, but my people told me, he’ll only stay while his person is away for a few days. Thank God, playing with him is great, but he can be a bother, he’s still a kid – at least two months younger than me. We went for long walks, but only he got to walk off-lead, so I barked everyone’s ears off. They did let me off here and there, and when they called me – I was busy, had to sniff everything, I’m a hunter after all.

Here you can see me hardly keeping my calm – I wanted to run after a bulldog.

So, they’ve been trying to teach me stuff. My name, sit, stay, perform a double Axel… But I wasn’t sure if they’re talking to me or the Lab, so I put on a deaf ear any chance I got.

And here you can see me and Murray relaxing on the couch.

But now he is not with us anymore. So I am basically forced to learn. And I should tell you – it’s hard not to learn, no matter how hard I try – the treats are just too tasty! I am doing better and better with hearing my name and the word “come” and it makes me proud. They’ve been letting me off the lead for longer times and I always come back when they call me. Today they got me a new toy as a reward – it’s my favorite! I got it cause I’m so good. And I should tell you – I haven’t touched anything in the house, so you can be proud of me too. Only when it comes to food… I go berserk. And just have to eat everything! But my people tell me I shouldn’t, because of weight gain. But who cares – a full stomach is the best.

See me happily munching a cookie down

I really love to cuddle and hug, and the girl is always kissing me (I don’t kiss her – she shouldn’t feel too confident). If they haven’t paid attention to me for over 5 minutes I climb on them and look at them with my pretty brown eyes until their heart melts. I am such a manipulator!

I told Murray I’d give him one of my cookies if he lets me sleep on his bed.

And so… It’s a good life here. I’ve been very lucky, and I hope all my buddies at the shelter have the same luck as me. And soon! I miss you greatly, thanks to d-r Stankova for finding me, so my people can meet me at the shelter! I will tell them to visit you soon and bring some food for my buddies as well.

Well, that’s it from me – Brut (need to memorize this), see you soon!

Oh, the girl wants to write something as well:

Dear people at the shelter, Brut is the smartest, most wonderful, lovable, kind and good dog. He is a real friend – we teach each other lots of thigs and are very, very grateful for introducing us to each other and letting him come to us! He’s been a short time at home, and seems like he was here forever.

He is a quick learner and is already used to us, and we give him all the love we have in return! I hope you enjoy the few photos of our lives together.

Greetings, Simona and Nickolay

17 December 2015 | Blog

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