Good luck, Bruce!

13 December 2015 | Blog

A few years ago, the carcass vehicle of the municipal dog company dumped an ugly black dog with us. It looked like a truck had ran over it. And that was exactly what had happened. This is how Bruce became part of our lives.


He didn’t have much chance of survival. But he insisted on living.

It seemed like he didn’t want to leave this world without having lived. Without having loved and been loved…

We chose to believe him. You chose to help us. Some surgeries and months later Bruce was under the skin of each one here. Was it because he always smiled? Was it because he would roll on his back and show his tummy each time he saw us? Or maybe it was the fact he’d give you his amputated paw for bandage despite the great pain it cost him?


Or, maybe because he was fearless? The only thing he feared was leaving the shelter. The horror of being abandoned. The horror we felt when his heartworm tests turned out positive. That horror when you realize everything you did was in vain. That you lied when you said: “No worries, darling, the worse is behind you, we can help.”…

But! Bruce didn’t survive being hit by a truck only to be killed by a little worm in the heart. He fought it off just like his buddy Bruce Willis in “Die Hard”.

And so the years started to roll, one after the other. We changed his room-mates one after the other. Many of the keepers and vets are new, old volunteers were replaced by new people, we even changed the shelter. But Bruce was still there. And we were there for him. And in return – we received the love and trust only a true dog can give back…

bruce-15 bruce3

A dog like Bruce, one that has suffered so much, that has waited this long, he deserves so much more!

He deserves his own home! He deserves owners who’d love him like he’s the only dog in the world! He deserves to whine for a walk, beg for food by the table, and make a fuss about his kibble… He deserves to play with their children, teach them how to love, watch them grow as he gets older…

Bruce not only deserves all this. He got it!

We finally know what he waited for when he decided not to die… twice. He was waiting for them. His people!

bruce (1)

Bruce was adopted by a Bulgarian family living in Germany. He is now at his “grandma’s” (and politely ignoring her cat), very happy and good. He will travel to his new homeland with the family after to holidays. We are overjoyed! Special regards to his little friend Melissa.

13 December 2015 | Blog

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