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Another amazing transport rolled on to the land of the tulips, loaded with the most precious transport – our babies. 31 homeless Bulgarian dogs swapped misery for a happy, long life in Holland.

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We are always in such a hurry to send the puppies to their new lives, they have the biggest chances to be happily adopted when they’re young. There was only one mommy traveling this time with her babies, Jessy-Duda as she was called, a great little girl:

джеси-дуда (1) джеси-дуда (2)

Everyone else is a baby. Each of these youngsters has been fostered until the vaccines kick in and we take it into the shelter. Each received 4 vaccines, a microchip and passport from our doctors. Each was dewarmed, neutered, treated, found a place abroad, organized to travel… A lot of work, but it’s the final results that count!

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Here are the first lucky ones to be adopted, we hope all their brothers-in-arms at the shelter find the same happiness (soon!):

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09 December 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

Facebook comments:

  1. fam v Drunen

    we are 1 off the lucky owners off 1 the puppies, in the passport was here name Maria
    in the picture it is the left top picture under the line
    “lot of work, but it’s the final results that count!”

    See is now a week in the house, we are a family with 4 Erwin Nelleke and 2 kids Lois (11) Mika (9) and now Yoshi (maria) After a week now see become real member off the family, see is still little shy and afraid off new things but so sweet and great will to please.
    Ty for saving her, we hoop see wil be a long time part off us, its our first dog so we need lot to learn but we already enjoy every day.

    is there some more information about her pass, like what mix off dog it is and is see found off the street, some other place?

    Greeting form Holland

    Erwin Nelleke, Lois and Mika.

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