Bu has a severe exostosis – the pain sometimes makes it hard for him to walk, and some days he can’t walk, plus – it’s a worsening condition. He came to us after he’d lived outside at a gas-station for months. Someone dumped him there, then someone picked him up, then they returned him, then again…. Who needs a sick dog? Not even a bulldog.

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We took him in to be one of our stove-hooligans. Snoring, farting, curious, and always ready to cuddle. No questions asked. Just a bizarre lord – looking like an alien among the others.

At the shelter there was a dramatic episode with Boo. A romani family came up, read about him on internet, claiming – the dog is theirs. He was tied as a guard, then escaped and all sorts of bull… Boo saw them, didn’t like them one bit and so – we repelled them. Not because they are roma. Because they are bad owners.

Many people wrote to us asking for Boo, but with the diagnosis he has – no one dared to offer him shelter. The idea of keeping him in the shelter for the winter was scary enough, so our Nadia began to look for an urgent solution for him. This is how his story reached Aukje Robustiano – a friend in Holland, who adopted little hairless pug – Svetlio. You wouldn’t recognize him today!

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And here is Boo in his new home in Holland. We look at him and cannot be happier for the love and comfort he is finally getting, after times so hard. Aukje and her husband will take a great care of him, give him special treatments for his condition and keep him safe. You lucky Boo!


09 December 2015 | Blog

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  1. Barbara Monique

    How amazing! saw her already in a video passing by when other dogs at Pets At Home in Almere (Netherlands) were delivered and made me quite worried about this bully! Aukje you’re my hero, what a joy that you are doing this and see if she’s Boo totally at home

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