You can imagine that we live in the extremes – the cruelty and pain we witness are unthinkable, the kindness and generousity – spanless. Paralyzed animals bear it all – crippled forever, they celebrate each day as a little victory, dependent and thankful with a clear heart. Caring for them is a huge effort, but the joy of their lives is a reward for it. But what is the chance of them finding a safe little place of their own in the world? Negligable.

We are incredibly happy to inform you that Dutch colleagues have admitted our three dogs in wheelchairs in their sanctuary for old and disabled animals in Flevoland! Sunny, Sashko and Rosie have been welcomed warmly to their new home. Many years of love and care are ahead for them, now in the loving arms of people who have devoted their lives to the so-called hopeless animals.

Little Sashko, hit by a car, and Rosie the seal, beaten with a shovel… The bikers of the shelter:

And brave mommy Sunny, whose back was broken whilst she was trying to protect her young:

Here they are, the great travelers, arriving in the van! In a place where rosies are never hit with shovels, where shaskos aren’t ran over purposely, where Sunnies don’t have to sacrifice their lives. Holland, their new home:

Sunny, Rosie and Sashko have reached their Station Happiness, because you decided to support the Farm. Because there were Rosie’s people to come walk and care for her and Sashko in the shelter every single day. Because there were the foster parents of Sashko to care for her seven long months. Because there were our Dutch colleagues to give them security and a chance to be adopted. Thank you for being there for them!

08 December 2015 | Blog

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