Kisses from the shelter’s largest girls – the two pigs at the Farm – Lilly and Naomi. The refined ladies are part of our farmer team – kids in our city have nowhere to see a pig. So Lilly and Naomi are not meat pigs, they are educational pigs.


Here you can see their elegant gallop during one of their walks in the yard – they have to exercise regularly, a diet is not enough to keep them fit, they were bred to gain weight. As you can imagine, the dogs become hyperactive when they hear the two going out. The two couldn’t care less, they’ve grown with people and dogs and are quite fond of them:

Info for Naomi’s fan club, if you are worried about her getting ill after the storm – don’t. She is now doing well, the antibiotics have worked, d-r Rangelova worries that it might become a chronic thing, hopefully it won’t.

05 December 2015 | Blog

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