In the past days it seems like adoptions at the shelter have mostly been guided by children. Children with beg hearts and parents who can hear them, children who want to save the lives of their best friends. Here is a short narrative of the most recent local adoptions at the Farm.


1 осиновено бебе1

Eli Ilieva and her remarkable 12-year old Mina adopted a puppy, abandoned on the streets of Katina village. “I asked mommy to adopt a dog, instead of getting me a new phone for me this Christmas”, as Mina simply put it.



Chester, yay! Chester was adopted by his first friend in life – Eva-Maria Milanova. It’s been nearly 4 years since Eva-Maria took him in as a foster parent. He was a tiny baby back then, and she cared for him until he got his vaccinations and became one of the hundreds of dogs in our care. Today Eva-Maria has a new place to live and the opportunity of keeping a dog, finally. To celebrate this fact, she came and picked her Chester up from the shelter forever.


1 осиновено точица

After a few unsuccessful tries (we have become familiar with a simple law of the Universe – some dogs have to come back, because they have their own special person looking for them), Tochitsa found her true owner. The little granny is now happy and warm in the hands of Elka Nyagolova. Thank you, Elka, for opening up your heart to this remarkable, brave creature.


1 осиновено Кара ж

Some of her brothers found homes at the adoption weekend, others were rehomed abroad, and little black Cara was left behind in the shelter. We always have 50 or more puppies with us, and it is so very difficult to catch an adopters eye in this colorful crowd, especially when you are this gentle and black. Congratulations to Nikolay Krastev and Valentina Ninova for their excellent choice!


спарта осиновена (2) спарта осиновена (4)

The fabulous American Bulldog Sparta went through the shelter like a little hurricane… We only had time to neuter and vaccinate her, and she already charmed her new owner. The white elephant is now brightening up the life of Karin Visscher, but not in Holland – where she’s from, but here in Sofia. We will be seeing them in the park!


1 осиновено бебе  рижко иванка магар (1) 1 осиновено бебе  рижко иванка магар (2)

Rijko too was adopted, so to speak, internationally. He is now the best friend of Ivanka Mager, a Bulgarian living in Germany. Ivanka came to the shelter on her visit here, she wanted to give a new life to a homeless Bulgarian dog, chose Rijko and took off on a plane together!


пинчи осиновен (1) пинчи осиновен (2)

Happy and loved in his new home – Roro – a little pincher found wandering in the Liulin district. The good boy found love and security with Vladislav Georgiev! You see him sleeping on the photo, because he was just neutered to recover in a more peaceful and calm environment in the new home.


1 осиновено бамби (2) 1 осиновено бамби (3)

8-month Bambi also went home! She lived in a foster family for quite a while – a great place with many dogs and cats. Now, she is in an even better place – in the home of Boryana Andonova and her two sons. The boys were allowed to make the choice themselves and we are thrilled that with so many cute puppies available, they fell in love with Bambie. Children always choose with their hearts and not with their eyes. Because they are pure.


If it weren’t for the shelter – Chester, Bambi, Rijko, Roro, Sparta, Kara, Baby, Tochitsa and thousands more like them would have been left alone in the street. Their place, “The Farm”, only exists from donations, who give a little every month so we can keep things running.

Help us help them, even by very little – your help is greatly appreciated.
Please, if you think our work matters, subscribe to a small monthly donation to our cause, every little support matters when lives are at stake.

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04 December 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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