We love it when our babies become a good example and people around them chose to adopt! We got a letter from Violeta Kuiumjieva, adopter of Sachie – our little black sausage was the inspiration for the adoption of little Archie:

сачи бъки 2 сачи бъки

You have no idea how happy I was, when my friend called to tell me they have a dog – Archie! She’s been saying she wants a dog like Sachie for quite a while – one that is black and kind. Well, now she has it! I was secretly hoping it would happen, I’m very glad they chose him. I believe he and Sachi will make great friends. Here are a couple of photos, but only two – can’t get Archie to stand still for even a second!

We also got a happy note from Diana Mincheva, the kind new “mom” of Donald and Wiki:

donald wiki 2 donald wiki 3 donald wiki

I’m writing you on a great occasion. It is my birthday today, and besides me getting older and wiser by a year, I am also incredibly happy, because during this year I adopted two wonderful babies from the Farm – Mr. Donald Charming and Wiki AKA Angel Puppy. I am very grateful to you for your trust and the opportunity of loving these wonderful creatures.

A letter with videos came in from Karin Adriaanse-Goetheer who adopted poor Masha. Do take a moment to see one, it is amazing how far this girl has gone from where she was:

This is what Masha looked like, when she came to the shelter in May:

masha before

If it weren’t for the shelter – Masha, Sachie, Archie, Wiki, Donald and thousands more like them would have been left alone in the street. Their plase, “The Farm”, only exists from donations, who give a little every month so we can keep things running.

Help us help them, even by very little – your help is greatly appreciated.
Please, subscribe to a monthly donation to our cause, every little support matters when lives are at stake.

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