miro i marto se pribirat

Yet another great journey to a new life has been completed successfully and 34 of our sweet kids have new homes. The van didn’t come back to the shelter empty – drivers Miro and Marto stopped in Austria on the road back.

коледни зандра 2 натоварени подаръци 400кг храна от австрия зандра щиби (1)

Our colleagues of Stibi’s Hundeparadies sent bags of dry food, as well as quality wet pouches and treats to the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofia! They also sent tasty gifts to the humans at the shelter, we are touched, thank you so much!

осиновители 1 осиновители

People often ask us – what happens to the animals that are rehomed abroad. On the photos above – sent to us by Sandra Stibi, two furry Bulgarians with their Austrian families.

On the photo below, you can also see a very special guy! Bounty, rehomed about 2 years ago, has now become a true champion! He finished his Grassroots exam with an amazing score of 278,63 points! Great job!!!


26 November 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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