Finding homes for animals abroad is a hard and responsible job that we have been doing for over 5 years now. Every month our van makes at least two journeys to our colleagues in Austria, Germany and Holland – bringing our dogs to shelters and organizations that have space for them.

Preparing the dogs for a journey is not an easy task – both logistically and financially. We couldn’t be happier if our dogs would find homes here, but sadly the number of abandoned animals triples the numbers of the people willing to adopt. Thus – the bus becomes an only chance of happiness for great many animals.

Grown up dogs are most difficult to place, even abroad. At the same time the shelter admits many mothers, injured and abandoned grown-ups, some of which have to wait years for a chance of happiness. That’s the reason our mood is so good whenever even one adult dog gets a spot in the van.

Anna (2) Sara (2)

Here are Sarah and Anna, two hunting dogs, left alone with their babies on the streets, to fend for themselves. If it weren’t for their being admitted to the shelter they would now be hungry, cold and chased away, most of their puppies would have already died. Instead of this horror the huge families received love and care. The puppies are already in the hands of their new families and the two girls in mustache are German!

райна преди райна след

Also in Germany – love for darling Rayna. Treated with us for a very long time, this innocent creature blossomed in front of our eyes, she calmed down, learnt to love people and became a great beauty. Farewell, dearest, our tails wave with yours!

Zara (1)

Zara. Sweet, kind, Zara! This wonderful dog was given as a gift to a man, she was supposed to be a Bulgarian Shepherd, but wasn’t. So he gave her to another man. That man tied her up in a shed until he can figure out what to do with her. He couldn’t think of anything and Zara came down with a skin-disease. To put it short – that’s where we came in, Zara came to the shelter, was vaccinated, neutered, treated for her illness and now has her own sofa in Germany.

Lava беа плашливо куче сеславци

Little Lava was raised in a foster home, and you can see on the photo how frightened she is in the first moments at the noisy shelter. Otherwise – she is a happy, funny fluffy girl and will have loads of fun in her new life.
It was a shy, quiet departure for little Bea too. She is a tiny girl, picked up at the municipal Seslavci pound. She needs a calm and quiet environment to relax, which we cannot provide, so we’re really glad Bea has her chance in a foster home in Germany.

Lavon (3) Venera (2)

And last, but definitely not least – Lavon and Venera! Both of them have been with us since the remote 2011 – good, clever dogs, who spent years imprisoned without a crime. Both are the last of their litters to have remained with us, perhaps their only fault – not being so attractive. You cannot imagine how happy we are to see a dog that’s been with us 4 years find a home!

There were four cats who found love abroad on this trip. All were fostered in kind families.

Ferdi-male- 4 months Maya-4 months

Maya and Ferdy – found as newborn kittens – thrown cruelly in a river, wrapped in a plastic bag.

Ahil-6 months Charla Suzi-7-8 months

Also Charla Suzie, dumped in the yard of people who simply love animals. And Achilles – a pet cat, abandoned in a village near Sofia. Both of them – survived miraculously before the worst happened to them in the hostile environment.

As far as the babies go – you can hardly imagine how many abandoned puppies have passed through the shelter in the last few months. “Puppy season” seems to be never-ending, and the pups are the most difficult to prepare and take care of, as they need vaccines first. Hugs to the people who help by providing foster care for the babies, often in very difficult conditions. Each puppy saved is a tiny miracle, performed by many people. Here they are.

0Bibi female1-4,5 months 0boiko male3-5 months

Bibi and Boyko are sister and brother. Found outside, they lived in a foster home at Bobov Dol before we admitted them.

Dani, female Eliana

Also fostered, little Dany, a baby-girl found alone in the street. Along with her went Eliana – the last of her litter, they were found as tiny fur balls by a kind English family who raised them.

galabovci (1) galabovci (2) galabovci (3) galabovci (4) galabovci (5) galabovci (6)

All these pups are siblings. How did you guess? Yes, they were abandoned. Kind people fostered them in Galabovtsi before we could admit the whole lot.

seslavci (1) seslavci (2) seslavci (3) seslavci (4) seslavci (5) seslavci (6) seslavci (7)

12 little heroes were saved from the municipal Seslavci pound two months ago. Their condition was severe, getting them ready to go – difficult. The first half of the litter left the shelter on the previous journey, here is the rest – all Dutch! What a change…

jumbo jonny

Jumbo and Johnny are two inseparable and similar brothers we took from Pobit Kamak. Kids of yet another unsprayed yard female who will continue to give birth to unwanted children…

демодекоза male4-4,5 months Michael-6 months

It took three months to treat and prepare the sweet guy on the first photo. He had demodecosis – a bear hug to his fosters for dealing with everything. With him went smiling Mike, rescued from the municipal Bogrov shelter, also raised by fosters.

It’s important to note that these stories may seem simple, but aren’t. The fact these puppies are not only alive, but have families abroad is unbelievable. This is where they come from and where they would be, if it were not for you – the people who donate for the Farm:

1 преди 1 преди1 1 преди3 1 преди4 1 преди5 1 преди6

If the bus didn’t travel – stories like these would not end happily, but with illness and death. Sounds harsh, but these are the facts. We thank the people who help the animals by donating. You are the only reason we are able to do everything for them.

27 November 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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