Do you remember Rex? The Original Rex, our first Rex, the blue-eyed king of the old shelter – an incredible husky with severely damaged intestines. After him we had Rex II, also Rex the Third, also blind Rex. And then it was PseudoRex…

псевдорекс РИП (1) псевдорекс РИП (2)

Our pseudoRex had the same history and the very same problems: tied up to guard useless junk, he was tied up and fed garbage his whole life, his intestines – damaged beyond repair. The only difference is that he arrived not at 5, but at 10 years of age. Seems like a small detail, but it was the difference between life and death.

We couldn’t help him. Despite all the doctors’ efforts, despite the surgery, despite his faithful spirit – Rex is now beyond the rainbow, in the snowy part of heaven, running free forever. Please, forgive us, dear boy…

The news are good for Pride, though!
Found wandering on Bulgaria blvd about two months ago, he quickly met people who brought him to our shelter. And here, he met Ivanina Ivanova and Petar Kostov. The two had never had a husky before and weren’t sure if they can manage the northern temperament.

1 осиновено (2)

That’s why they took the boy as foster parents. They spent a month together and realized – Pride is their dog. Congratulations to Peter and Ivanina, but most of all – to a happy and joyful Pride who found his people!

24 November 2015 | Blog

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