We had a very serious storm at the Farm. Heavy winds damaged our external fence, a few clumsy outside enclosures tried to fly away, the walls of our gorgeous new yards fell down, many roof-tiles were broken on the large dog building, the internet cables were torn…

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The most important and difficult to fix is our outer fence. Although it is made of heavy metal it was practically torn in pieces. Today it is being repaired by our friend Stanimir, who has done great many things for the shelter already. We also have power shortage problems, the electricity has been going on and off all day.

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The animals are all right. Although Naomi the pig is really taking it hard. The stress, noise and flying objects have unlocked an illness in her and we’re having a very hard time finding a doctor who knows how to treat an ill pig. Unless “just slaughter her” counts for a decent diagnose of a friend…

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Best regards to you from Hope, who is getting better despite the problems. The blood transfusion we performed on her in urgency has worked out and her blood count is going closer to the norm each day.


23 November 2015 | News

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