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It’s not been a month since we told you about Olivia – a yard dog that got pregnant by accident and was left to give birth on her own. She came to us with a puppy, stuck in her birth canal, unconscious, nearly dead. It was the Senior volunteers and the doctors that performed a miracle (a miracle of love), reanimating each puppy, and the family survived.

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The group was lucky to have been offered a foster home by the incredible Marina and Jean-Marie Francois, and their sweet kids. Unfortunately, as the mommy had a herpesvirus infection, 3 of the 10 puppies didn’t make it, but Olivia still has 7 pups to care for. They are getting bigger, raised with loads of love, and when they get big enough – we will be looking for new people to care for them. And as far as mommy goes… she is invited to stay forever with her new people!!!

History really does repeat itself. And this is how Grace – an un-spayed yard dog, belonging to an elderly man came to us. Left outside in hear, Grace quickly became pregnant and when the time for birth came – she was alone.

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Gracie gave birth to two puppies… and the problems began. When we arrived – she was already unconscious for hours, and green puss was dripping out of her. Once in the shelter, we put her directly on the surgery table. An unborn baby had remained in the birth canal and the rotting process had already began…

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D-r Stankova immediately removed it and took out the remaining puppies. 8 of them – all black, and all – stillborn. Thank God the Senior volunteers were there to help and every puppy got a person to help it breath and massage it until life came back to each and every one…

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The result: 10 healthy, happy black babies; one dizzy, but still – breathing and nursing mother. Gracie was neutered during her surgery. Now she is back in her yard with the babies, where we care for them until they are big enough to become 10 new black babies to look homes for.


Every day at the Farm we take care of 200 heroes and many outside patients who wouldn’t get help otherwise. Everything we do is financed by people – people like you. To help us save more lives, please DONATE. Thank you!

19 November 2015 | Blog

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