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We had a little baby that was very special to us – clumsy and friendly, maybe one of the most cheerful dogs at the shelter, a great little girl. She would always accept any interference by dog or human with great enthusiasm and good will. We are very glad she was adopted by Georgi Dimitrov who gave her the name Sarah and a promise to be friends forever. Major luck!


Biggy the beagle also went home! He will be driving crazy (being a beagle there’s nothing else he could do) Simona Ivanova. We’re sorry that it was a mad moment at the shelter, and happy that Biggy will finally get the love he was bred for, we forgot to take a photo of the new family leaving the shelter together. So, we will be waiting for an email to tell us how things are going at home.


Special regards to Slavyana Todorova! After a careful research of the dogs at the shelter, she chose to be best friends with the wonderful Cara. A very kind and gentle black girl, overlooked by every prospective owner because of her colour. Thank you, Slavyana, for noticing this good kid, this is a great choice – we know you will make a great team.

And we are super pleased that one of our tripods has gone home this week to Josephine Kuparanova. It’s the little white dog with a deformed leg from the puppy cage. What, you didn’t know her? She was the smallest dog in the shelter, se we put her with the youngest babies, and some of them double her size, that’s why you haven’t noticed her. Here she is among a crowd of babies:


And here – in the hands of her new owner – Josephina:

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Here is a short note about their new friendship: „This afternoon I adopted a dog from your shelter – she has problems with her front leg. I promised I’d tell you when we chose a name for her. Well, it’s Kiara. We just came back from our first walk together, everything was so interesting to her. She even picked up her tiny tail and waved it a little. We introduced her to our veterinarian, bought her a little bed and now she is happily napping in her new home, in her new bed, in my daughter’s bedroom. And, by the way, Kiara was absolutely fine with the cats, who are very interested to get to know her.”

16 November 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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