Is there hope for Hope?

12 November 2015 | Blog

Not that the shelter isn’t already full, but with so many new adoptions in the last days we had to thank our lucky stars and take on some more ill animals. Usually, we wouldn’t tell you about this dog at this stage – we don’t like to burden you with sadness and pain unless the animal needs urgent support from you for a treatment. But we decided to tell you about Hope. Why… because when more good people send someone good thoughts – he feels better.


Because she is almost gone. Only the hope remains.
That hope that only homeless dogs have, a hope that defies reality.
A hope for life, no matter what.

hope5 hope6

Just like Endo, Hope came to us badly bitten. His wounds are scary, but then what are hers – terrifying? Monstrous? Or perhaps: deadly. Much skin is missing and the pain is so strong that the girl spent over 24 hours in shock, before they called us to pick her up. “But only wait, I have to check if it’s still alive, ‘cause it’s been still like this from the day before”…

hope2 hope4

D-r Stancheva washed Hope’s injuries, covered her open wounds with iodine and sugar for recovery, put her on infusions. Having spent so long on the ground in shock the poor girl can no longer maintain her body temperature.


This is Hope. Covered with a blanket and bed-warmers she has nothing but Hope to survive this nightmare. Send her some good thoughts, we hope she is as lucky as Endo who has recovered so well and is so cheerful… Hope has to survive this night. She just has to. And we will all send her our best thoughts. Right?

For dogs like Hope it is extremely important to have a warm environment in recovery.
We are trying to raise funds to purchase heating for our clinic and shelter.
Please SEE THIS INFO and if you can – give the dogs a helping hand.
Thank you.

hope8 hope7

And regards from Endo! The second photo shows the good boy 7 days after we took him in!

12 November 2015 | Blog

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