11 November 2015 | Blog

“There is a very dangerous animal here, come pick it up, or it will infect us all!” This is the presentation we received 3 years ago when we first took on the case of Rayna – a bald, terrified dog that lived in an abandoned outside toilet at the edge of the city.
It was hard to catch her. She was desperate, screaming, howling, trying to get away any way she could. The locals had tried so hard to evict her that she was basically crazy with fear and worry.

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Rayna’s treatment with us continued for over a year. Mange is a simple illness, but if left untreated it can be very difficult to cure. In time, Rayna learned to trust us, got used to the routine and relaxed.

And now, the time has come to say goodbye to her. Our ways are parting…
No, nothing is wrong! It’s just that there are people expecting her in Germany. The girl will be leaving with the next transport we manage to organize. We are so happy!


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11 November 2015 | Blog

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