Tochitsa desides to die

10 November 2015 | Blog

They kicked her out of the car and took off fast. Tochitsa first ran, then screamed, then shivered… and then she realized what true thirst means. And then what true hunger is. And when she felt the true cold, she laid down to die.


When Warm Hands found her, she could no longer stand on her legs. They gave her some water and she sighed. They traveled for quite a while, then many dogs were barking, then infusions, worried voices… Tochitsa doesn’t remember much from that time. Only the warmth. Only the food. Only the gentle cuddles.

Now Tochitsa lives in her little cage at the Farm. She is lonely, she needs hugs and longs for her own, loving person. If you are that person – come meet her. The Farm is opem every day from 08 to 17. And Tochitsa is wating 24/7.

10 November 2015 | Blog

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