UPDATE 05.11
Pongo, happy at the Farm after the surgery you gave him!

UPDATE 31.10

Dear friends, the funds for Pongo’s surgery have been raised!
Doctor Vasilev performed his surgery late last afternoon and it was successful.
We thank Pongo’s donors for their kindness and generosity.


There used to be a good dog. He would guard something, get some bread in return, some kind of a life, on a chain. One day something happened. And so he was dumped in the street in Lozen.

Only there was a shooter in Lozen. And that shooter liked killing things with his handgun. So he loaded it. And aimed at the good dog. The freak thought he’d shoot him in the heart. But was such a scum, that he couldn’t even do that right. This is the story of Pongo.

And this is the condition Pongo is in:

12179697_10205614244100845_579820877_n 12188844_10205614243260824_1602306276_n

The bone is crushed, there are many pieces of the bullet too, but there is still sensitivity in the leg.

We can save Pongo from amputation, if he is operated tomorrow at the latest. D-r Vassilev from CVC suggests implanting a piece of bone from the hip in the damaged place after all the pieces of bone and metal are removed.

To give Pongo the help he needs, we need 300E.
Can you help him? If you can – DONATE AT THIS LINK – you can do so by PayPal and by bank.


If we manage to raise it till tomorrow, in only a couple of months the good boy will be running around the shelter like nothing happened. If you can – please, do help, even by little, there are many of us, we can do it…

Let’s fix this great evil!

30 October 2015 | Blog

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