Sammy found his people

29 October 2015 | Blog

The Samoyed we picked up from Gurmazovo found many friends. We posted about him on Facebook, many people shared his story and some came to the shelter to see him. It’s always difficult to choose between good families who want the same dog, and we always make the decision on what would be best for the animal.


Our boy went to Stefan Nikolov and his family. They have experience with dogs, a daughter who cannot wait to hug the snowbeast, and will give him an active life between an apartment and a house with a yard. But a good bath to start with. Congratulations!

We thank everyone who wanted to give a home to Sammy. And are thrilled that thanks to the people he brought looks like two more of our doggies seem to be on their way to going home! Keep your fingers crossed, they have waited for a long, long time.


29 October 2015 | Blog

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