It’s been five years since we first visited the ICAWC and were astounded to hear the incredible stories, told by colleagues from all around the planet – about their work, their fails and successes.


A lot has happened in these five years. We kept learning, discovering new things, kept calm and kept on. In 2009 we began as volunteers at the municipal pound. In 2010 we took over Bulgaria’s biggest municipal shelter. And as of 2014 we have worked here – at our Farm, a shelter that is first of its kind in Bulgaria.

Our shelter. Established to save lives, to treat pain, to give hope and make wrong things go right. Bought and managed by all of us – the people behind Animal Rescue Sofia! And this is just the incredible and inspiring Bulgarian story we had the opportunity to tell our colleagues.

Nadia and Svetlio (known as Svetlo among our international doggy-friends) spoke in front of 251 delegates from 101 organizations and 39 countries. They listened carefully and in awe – about the miracle you performed, dear friends. About the raising of 250 000E in 3 months. In a country where the average salary is 300E, and the average pension – 100. About what people can achieve when they are united by a cause that knows no boundary of race, religion or beliefs: The Love of Dogs.


We are proud to have been able to stand up in front of colleagues from the whole world and tell them about what we did, together, here – in Bulgaria. And we will let you in on a secret. We all may live believing there is something wrong with us as a nation, that we can’t do things right in our corner of the world. That is totally wrong. It’s just that the Bad Guys are louder and we keep hearing their noise. But there are more of the Good Guys. We guarantee it.

We thank Dogs Trust for all the knowledge and contacts we have received thanks to their conferences and trainings.
We thank our friend Victor Barros for his hospitality at Aanifeira shelter, Portugal.
Great job, Nadia and Svetlio!

28 October 2015 | News

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