Branimir is a Dogo Argentino boy, about 1 year old. We found him abandoned in Mladost neighborhood at the end of summer. After the initial stress from the shelter life, the boy put on some weight (he was very thin), relaxed a little and after he went through all the necessary procedures – vaccinations & neutering, he became one of the “farmers”, living peacefully in a cage with two other misfortunates.

It took us some time before we realized Branko is not an oak as one might think, but deaf. And we also realized his person will not be so easy to find.

обява глухо дого

So, we turned to you to spread the word about him, we needed to find the devoted and active people that would be right for the boy. Branko’s new owners needed to be clear about the strength and stubbornness that are typical in his breed.

This is how we met Irena Pavlova! Along with her husband, wonderful 10-year old son and 10-month old pitbull. Just the people Branimir needed – warm and affectionate, full of energy, but in the same time fully aware of the power their dog has and the risks this might create. The individual and group meetings went great and our boy found his family!

Branko and Irena are already taking classes with Sasho – a dog trainer who has always helped adoptive parents from the shelter adjust to their new, more difficult animal. We expect this adaptation to be fast and easy, but even if a problem occurs between the two dogs, the family has an alternative for Branko. We are sure that will not be necessary.

Ирена Павлова (1)

It is a great joy for us to hear Branko’s folks rave about his qualities. From here on life for him will be joy, care, love… and loads of dog work! Training a deaf dog is an interesting and challenging task – we wish the whole family and their dogs many proud moments and great achievements. Hurray!

27 October 2015 | Blog

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