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Do you feel rich?
We do.
But not because we have a lot of money – we actually have too little. But because we have the biggest treasure – a mission to fight for every day. And the biggest bonus this brings is the fact we actually can see the results of our work, we manage to make good out of bad, and we know – even the saddest of dogs get their chance, as long as we are stubborn enough to keep looking for it.

DSC-0753 DSC-0757
Life without love on the streets of Sofia

And so – it our hands and before our eyes – a sad, unwanted, broken creature goes through a metamorphosis: it’s heart opens up, the eyes become bright and smiley, a tail begins to wave a flag of happiness…

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Care and hope at the shelter

But the most important part of having a truly Happy End story is not ours to control. The dreamy outcome is only possible through the most important of people – the Adopter.

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Happy and loved in her forever home!

Today all gratitude and thanks in the world go to the wonderful Anna. She is a Bulgarian, living in Germany and she’s been donating and saving lives with ARSofia for 5 years already! And now – we have our own furry ambassador in her own home.
Anna Adopted Mangy Shushie from a German shelter, after they met here in Sofia. She already has a bandit of her own to keep happy and the two of them really seem to be made for each other. Whether Emma is happy or not and how life has progressed for her, see for yourself:

18 October 2015 | Blog

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