It is our pleasure to introduce you to 26 very special travelers. Babies, dumped on the street to die, who are now all in Holland, safe, sound and very happy with their new families. Most of them have no special history – they are united by the fact that we managed to save them, raise them healthy and happy and finally – place them in good hands thousands of kilometers away from here.

We begin this introduction with the smallest and most definitely sweetest of puppies, and we have seen many, so – trust us. Little Mamma Jinka – now known as Kanga – and her sweethearts.

This is how we first met:

11694805_1158336487515355_7951806106524108016_n 11709426_1168655593150111_3142127571073063992_n

And then little Ivan had the patience and kindness to persuade them people are friends, after all:


Meet Christopher and Owl:

Christopher owl

Roo and Pooh:

pooh roo

And our adorable Piglet!!!

piglet (2) piglet

This whole family now has Dutch passports! Hurray!

12074586_10208288707643964_8740746134481018902_n 12079467_10208288712284080_6850946190024718443_n

There are four angels in Litter1 who joined the new life ferry. You know how bad we are with photos, so you get pics of Lil Jeena and Popcorn from Sofia:

Litter1-Lil Jina (2) Litter1-Pukanka (2)

And also Aya and Beau in Holland at their foster parents’:

Litter1-Aya (1) Litter1-Biu (3)

As to Litter2 – their representative on this journey is lucky little Abbey. Her family too, as the rest you see here was found happily marching on their road to death in the streets of Sofia. With the great help of fosters she was vaccinated and when she was ready, joined our shelter team:

Litter2-Abby (6)

Litter4 gang! Two boys with beards – Basse and Bamse:

litter4-Base (2) litter4-Bamse (1)

And beardless Babs and Gio:

litter4-Babs (3) litter5-Gio (4)

Yet another lucky traveller to be the only one chosen from his lot – clever Gizmo:

litter5-Gizmo (5)

And just as lucky as he was – kind DeeDee:

litter9-Didi (3)

Also lucky and loved – Kira from Litter13 and Yoncho from litter14:

litter13-Kita (4) litter14-male (2)

You probably know this, but being a black dog in a shelter is something like a life-long subscription to the shelter cage. People don’t seem to notice the black animals and so it’s very important to us to find homes for them while they are still young and cute.

To our great joy Litter 7 (which also happens to consist of 7 black angels) is now snoring on soft pillows very, very far from here. These poor souls were dumped on us as newborns and were nurced back to life by devoted people who took the role of dog-mothers for quite a while. And that really is not an easy task, dear friends.
So here’s the black gold:

litter7-Dewey (7) litter7-Huey (7)
Dewie and Hewie

litter7-Impie-female (9) litter7-Louie(10) litter7-Primadonna-female (7)
Impie, Louie and Primadona

litter7-Tiny-male(12) Litter7-Trolly (7)
And Tiny and Trolly, oh, what sweethearts

Thank you for supporting our work. Because of you every month hundreds of dogs receive the happiness they dreamed of, the happiness they deserve. Out of 26, we doubt even 6 would be still alive today if it weren’t for you.

Special greetings to the foster parents who raise the puppies until the vaccines kick in and it becomes safe for them to live in the shelter. For these babies it is the difference between life and death.

And many thanks to our friends abroad whose work gives a happy ending to stories that are otherwise so sad.

16 October 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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