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14 October 2015 | Blog

It is widely known that we at ARSofia are nerds. Because we don’t have a camera (do you have one you don’t need???) and we generally forget to make pictures of the dogs on arrival, only when they become rounder and more pleasant to the eye. But this way we don’t manage to show you all the miracles happening here, we thank the stars you trust us…

Here is a short presentation of a friend that we have to share with you. But don’t you even think we took these pics. No. A favorite buddy of ours: his first days in Holland and today – a few months later.

Here is Swiffer! A sweet, bearded guy we took in from the street, surely dumped there by the loyal descendants of an older person who must have had him. Swiffer spent a while in our shelter raising no interest and was lucky to have found a new life in the Netherlands. Here is what he looked like before he received the biggest present a dog could get – his own people:


You’d say – not at all bad! Even great! He is not thin, he is playful and jolly, full of enthusiasm and in a good mood, and everything seems perfect. But – you’d be wrong! Look here! Mister Swiffer in his full glory:

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Oh, if only we too could be adopted in Holland!

14 October 2015 | Blog

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