Sarah – good as new!

13 October 2015 | Blog


Little Sarah was injured by a car. With two thy bones broken and a luxation at her hip joint she had to be operated on as soon as possible. And generally that wouldn’t be a problem – The Central Vet Clinic always waits patiently for our payments.

Except this time we owe them too much (it’s a 4-diget number unfortunately) – plus, the surgery cost the horrible 740BGN which is approximately 360E…


Oh, joy… And what would have happened if it weren’t for all of you, dear guardian angels? We know what – Sarah would now be lying by the road al a little dead rag.

Instead – the little girl is getting stronger by the hour. Generously biting anyone who’d approach her with a needle (she thinks the doctors broke her leg) and recovering just as she should. The little fool is really well, dear friends, and on her behalf and on behalf of the hundreds (we are too modest to write THOUSANDS) of animals that we have all rescued together – THANK YOU!


And don’t worry about this little grump. We’ll fix her mood in no time, just let’s first get through with the needles in her skin.
Wishing you love and luck!


13 October 2015 | Blog

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