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02 July 2015 | Blog

Every time a breed dog comes in our shelter, people comment things like “But why people would abandon this dog?”…
We consider all dogs priceless and we don’t understand howcome abandoning a pure bred dog is worse than abandoning a mongrel pet, but it is time for people who breed to understand that selling your puppies for a lot of money doesn’t guarantee them good lives. These two ladies are the proof.

Molly is a 10 months old boxer.

Her life didn’t start well – chained and unwanted, she lived worse than most of the stray dogs.

Actually, coming in the shelter and going on walks with our volunteers was the best part of her life until that moment.

Chiara is a 5 months old Czehoslovakian wolfdog. She was a prom gift to a boy, who didn’t actually want a dog.


Chiara changed a few owners in a little time at at the end came in the “Farm”.


Actually, when we understood about her, the last owner was planning to release her in the forest, because “she is anyway more wolf than a dog”…
Both dogs are now happily adopted, for both of them the bad is left behind.
Please, before you adopt or buy a dog, answer yourselve:
– Do everyone in my family want it?
– The dog will live about 15 years and will need me all these years. Am I ready to dedicate it during all this time?
– The dog will need food and medical care, which cost money. Am I ready to pay it?
– Am I planning to change home or go live abroad? If yes, am I ready to take my dog with me?

If you answer with “No” to even one of these questions, please, do not take a dog! And never, ever make a “live gift”! Even if you think people want or dream for a dog, it is up to them to choose the moment and the dog, not to you!

02 July 2015 | Blog

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