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They say you can’t buy friends, but that’s not entirely true is it?

Many people buy their dogs and cats, often not thinking about where these little ones come from. And behind every cute face in a pet store there is a hidden terror story – one of a mother, broken by constant matings; a joyless life in cramped stinky cages at the puppy mill; one of intensive breeding for the pet industry – sort of a live meat trade.

Thus, unwillingly, the people who buy their pets at the stores become part of the bloody business. Each animal purchased makes space for the next and it’s a never-ending cycle.

The little babies you see here are three innocent souls, whose life path took them to the most dangerous place – the city streets. They weren’t even brought to life to bring profits to someone. Their breeder is called Irresponsibility and if it weren’t for people of our kind, they would probably have been gone for a while already.


Sallааy (3)

Tiny Sally is one of the gentlest, sweetest little creatures you can imagine. Her sweet heart longs for hugs and cuddles, she breathes in air and exhales love. Poor little thing – she is too young to know that she is one of the Unwanted, she does everything in her power:

“I will be good, she thinks, I will be the bestest! And then there will be no more cage, no more loneliness! I will have my own, human Mommy and she will know I love her more than any treasure or treat in this world!”

Sally (4) Sally (6) Sally (8)

Sally’s love doesn’t cost money. To receive it, you only need to make the right choice.
Come meet her at PETS&U this weekend, at 25A Cherni Vrah blvd.

Sally is a medium-sized dog, about 5 months old. She is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and has a passport. The only thing she doesn’t have is a family to love.

Krachun and Malcho

Sally (3ааа)

They are two beautiful, playful and cuddly babies, about 2 months old. Krachun and Malcho might not have families yet, but they trust in the better future.

We heard them whispering to each other after lights out:

-Hey, Malcho, you sleepin? – Krachun asked.
-Nope, Malcho answered.
-I am a little scared… Because I’m black… Do you think we have a chance, brother?
-Being black, doesn’t mean you have a blacfk future! – Malcho responded – look at you, you are such a good guy and handsome, too! Black cats bring luck, any kid can tell you.
-Hm… And you? You aren’t black? What if they take me and no one comes for you???
-Chill out, brother, can’t you see Fortuna is protecting us? Everything is just the way it should be. We have already payed the price, now it’s our turn to be happy. Just a few weeks ago we were on death row and look at us now! Go to sleep, silly, and don’t forget to call your people when you’re sleeping. I do it every night and am sure they’re coming for me. Do you get it? Hey?
-Z-z-z-z… Krachun was asleep, purring away in the hands of his Human. With a capital H.

Krachun (2) Krachun (5) Malcho (3)

What did you dream about last night? Was there a little kitten in your sleep?
Come see if you can recognize it this weekend at PETS&U, they will be there, hoping for a dream fulfillment. It’s up to you if they succeed.

The lucky souls last week

100% success last weekend at PETS&U, Maya and Lea are happy in the hand of their loving owners.


Clever Maya has a home! The good girl will shine in the life of Margaritta Sabeva, Vladimir Iliev and their daughter Ellie. The family also has a cat, and they’re really close to a park, so Maya is sure to have a very happy childhood!


Lea too went to a wonderful home! Vessy was in awe to see how she and Tsvetomira Alexandrova got along from the first second they encountered each other. Tsvety’s big experience with cats can’t hurt, but this was really love of first sight!

21 May 2015 | Blog, Pets&U News

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