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15 April 2015 | Blog

It is said that during holidays nothing happens in Sofia…
Well, it seems we are not in Sofia, because a lot happens at “The Farm”.

This is Elena. We named her after the girl, who spent weeks trying to save her, looking for help and trying to catch the dog, before she called us. We received a video, showing her limping around IKEA. We took her to the Central Vet Clinic to find out her both paws – front and back – are broken long ago.


Her back paw was broken badly and small parts of bones fell in the joint. Every move was a pain…The only reason she was using this leg was, because  she didn’t have any choice – the front one is even worse.


D-r Zlatinov from the Central Vet Clinic made an urgent operation of the back paw so at least we saved Elena the pain. After about a month, when the operated paw is better, we’ll think of making the other leg as well.

Our next patient is Petkan. He is the prove that two bad things can make one good thing. First someone gave him 3kg of bones, probably his Easter dinner. And Petkan was stupid enough to eat it all. Then someone (probably someone else) shot him with tens of small pellets.


So, when Petkan crossed the road of two good people, they saw him bleeding and brought him to us. After the examinations, we found out that the pellets wouldn’t kill him – they were just under the skin. The emergency came from a different place – the bones in his stomach. The vets in Central Vet Clinic had to operate him fast – the stomach was 3 times bigger than normal and he couldn’t even breathe. They took  3 kilograms of bones out of the stomach and he recovers now in “The Farm”. He got lucky – if he wasn’t bleeding from the pellets, he would be dead by now, because noone would notice a dog that ate too much…

 Both dogs are recovering now in “The Farm” and keep company to Bogy, who knows how things after operations go…


If you want to help us helping them, please, donate here. Funds are desperately needed!

15 April 2015 | Blog

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