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08 April 2015 | Blog

A great new beginning for some unwanted animals! Thanks to our partners in Austria and Holland, all these animals will forget about their time on the streets of Bulgaria and start clean!

Let’s start with the puppies!

Brothers (2)


The brothers Dino and London

Sisters (1)Sisters (2)

The sisters Mylady and Baby

Dove, female (2)Pigeon, male (2)

Pigeon and Dove


the siblings Erik and Esme

Lucky and Balto

Lucky and Balto


Michael, Michelle and Michonne


And Fani

They all were too ordinary for the taste of the adopters here. They all were found and raised by good people, but failed to find their homes in Bulgaria. It is fine. They all will now wag tails abroad!


Zefira, Zik and Zak were saved by our vet, Diana Krasimirova. She found them in Pernik in a moment there were no foster homes available, so she decided to pay dog hotel for them, until they are ready for adoption.

Kim (1)

Kim used to be a sweet puppy when he came to the Farm with his 2 siblings. All 3 of them were supposed to travel together, a year ago. At the very last moment Kim started to cough and his siblings left Bulgaria without him. Surprisingly, nor his beautiful eyes, neither his small size attracted Bulgarian adopters, so he stayed and waited, and waited… Probably he has been waiting for Mama – his roommate:


She came to us in the autumn with her litter of 10 puppies. Later they were adopted and she became the roommate of Kim in the shelter. They are now in a foster home in Holland together!


Hurby is sweet 3 legged dwarfy. We don’t know what happenned to her on the street, but a part of her paw was missing. She was adopted from the street about a year ago and now her people gave her to us, because of allergy in the family.


Surely you remember Lubcho -the dog which someone abused and put a wire in his nose. Lubcho, when we took you in the Farm, we promised you the bad things are now behind you. We are so happy we kept our promise!

And at the end – the cats. As you know, we run a dog shelter and we take in cats only, when there is a foster place available. Here are the lucky cats we managed to save together with the wonderful people who took care of them in their homes!


3 Siamese cats, born on the street. They were very wild and unfriendly, but their fosters in Holland say they are dealing great now!

Psaki, female (1)

Psaki’s owner passed away and the relatives found her and Psaki weeks later…

AmeliaBambinaDoraMeow-meow (1)

MortiSunny, maleTitoTommy

Amelia, Bambina, Dora, Meow-meow, Morti, Sunny, Tito and Tommy – they were all saved by people who found and took care of them. They were all vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. The only thing we had to do is find them homes. Done!

On the way back we received a wonderful surprise by Sandra Stibi and her friends from Austria and Germany!






Food for the dogs and flowers for the Farm! (we are still wondering where to plant them, so that they will survive from our dogs, but we’ll find a place).
Thank you, dear Sandra&Friends! It is a blessing we have you to support us and our animals!

08 April 2015 | Blog

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