Every time we post information about some dogs or cats of ours, gone abroad, there are people who worry what is happening with them next and people “hoping” the animals will be fine. And every time we explain we are not hoping, because we know they will be fine. We know all our partners abroad, trust them and we are the first to understand, if there is something wrong…

And the best part of it is that we often receive photos and updates about animals, adopted long time ago. It is always a pleasure to take a look at the happy faces!

Here are some recent photos we received, let’s enjoy them together:)

Grandpa Yotzo  is a blind, old dog adopted in the UK in the beginning of 2013. His owners updated us few days ago – he is feeling great and loves them as much as they love him!

DSCN74092012, Yotzo in Borgov shelter 


2015, Yotzo in his home in Great Britain


Stefka and Amigo were adopted in Holland in 2012. Here they are now:


We really enjoy the habbit of the Dutch people to make reunions of the litters, even if they don’t live clese to each other.




Reunion 2015

Mommy Saddy left Bulgaria in 2013 with her small kids. They all still meet:







And 2 of her kids

Another mother – Roberta – is also very special to us. Roberta is wasn’t very attractive and we were so happy someone noticed her 4 years ago. But in Holland she proved how clever and grateful to her owners she is – they are in high training and it is said she is one of the best in Holland!


Roberta wasn’t very young when she left Bulgaria, but proved she is extremely smart and energetic

Kenny, another Dutch of ours is one of the most famous dogs in Holland. He is a therapist and his work and dedication saved (and still saves) lives!



If you happen to watch Dutch TV and see the cartoon character – the brave dog Kenny – have in mind someone threw him on the street, when he was in Bulgaria… We’ll soon publish a whole post about Kenny, there is so much we can tell you about him!


Cartoon hero Kenny

Emra also is a therapist dog, working with elderly people. Well, it doesn’t mean he is not wild in his free time:


Ellie (you may remember her as Lizel in the shelter) spent 5 long years in a cage. She was happily adopted in Germany last year. She sends us all her regards:



Brother and sister, when they arrived in Holland:


11130695_1058768897484882_1474868668_n11125506_1058768700818235_2016107881_nAnd them now

Of course, such good dogs as ours are loved not only in Europe.

The international terrierist Louie lives in Canada:

And Beer lives in Chicago, USA.

BeerBoef21032015 059k

For us (and probably for you, too) it doesn’t matter where they are. All that matters is that they are happy and loved!

06 April 2015 | Blog

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  1. Fox

    Gotta have the “And they lived happily ever after” or it feels like the story’s unfinished. Especially when the stories are often so horrifying, and too many end much as they began. All of you who work in the trenches year after year have my utmost admiration.

  2. Susan in NH, USA

    We just made a donation to this rescue because of Thomas Chesser, who has adopted three of your dog-kids, and sadly, just recently lost a different member of his pack, sweet Simon, who years ago showed up nearly on his doorstep, looking for a home.

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