Cry for help: Bogy

01 April 2015 | Blog

Once you open your heart for the animals, it is impossible to close your eyes. It doesn’t matter if the situation is bad, if our donors are much less than before, because we all live in the same poor and difficult situation… It doesn’t matter – you just cannot ignore suffering and convince yourselve we can’t help them all…

This is the  photo of the moment we met Bogy – alone in the field, scared and in horrible condition. He felt so releived and happy when we stopped, it was like his eyes were telling us:
“Humans, you finally came! I was a bit worried the last days but all my worries are gone now, when you finally found me!

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There was no way to look at these trusfull and grateful eyes and let him down. So, we took him in “The Farm”.

He barely walks – his both front paws are twisted in a horrible way.



We’ve seen that before with Buzanka. Thanks to you, Buzi was operated by D-r Zlatinov in Central Vet Clinic and than, when healthy and happy without pain, she was adopted…

The operation of Bogy would cost 900 levs. Far too much for us. But if you help us again, may be Bogy will be the next happy, jumping and running painless dog?

Please, click here to donate by bank, Epay or Paypal! You could also give money direct in Central Vet CLinic’s reception.
Please, help us help him!

01 April 2015 | Blog

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