This happened in a village near Sofia. Probably the person who did it thought it was fun. Or it is OK, because the victim is “only” a dog…

But it is not OK…
It is horrible, painful and the infection could have caused the death of Lubcho, if we were not alarmed…

We’ve written a lot about animal abuse and the “people” who do it. No words are needed. See for yourselves:





It was definately not an accident – the wire was put there deliberately and twisted, so that Lubcho can’t get rid of it alone…

Lubcho is a sweet boy, aged 8-9 months old. The manipulations were painful for him, but he didn’t fight or complain – he is such a good boy that humans can do whatever they want with him… We are sure, that he didn’t try to fight or bite even the mad sadistic person who did this to him…

We placed Lubcho in a foster home and promised him he will never be hurt by humans again. We will take care of this. Look at him now:



If you want to help us helping dogs like Lubcho, please donate by bank, Paypal or Epay here!

31 March 2015 | Blog

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  1. Hugo

    Dear people of the animal rescue,

    We took Lubco home yesterday, his new name is Wolfie. His new home is in Holland and he will be with us for the rest of his life. He is a super sweet and kind dog. We will give him all the love and protection he needs. Thank you for your’e wonderfull work

    We will send you some pictures of him in his new home. Keep up the good work, because you see all your hard work pays off. Thank you on behalve of Wolfie and us!!!

    Take care

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