It all has started a few months ago, when we received this photo and a question:


 -Any advises?

9 puppies and their mother, living in an abandoned building in Sofia.
Yordanka, the girl who found them, promised to feed the mother, until we manage to find a foster home. And she did. But only 2 days later, she called in panic – 8 of the puppies weren’t there. But who would take 8 puppies and leave behind the mother and the last puppy? There was, of course, a guess, so we told Yordanka to take the mother and the last puppy and to bring them in “The Farm”, while we look for the rest of the family. And we were correct – they were in the Municipal shelter. We grabbed them quickly:


and soon enough Yordanka sent us this:

We are coming…

The puppies were still sucklings, so they had to stay together. They couldn’t stay in the shelter, as we still don’t have the quarantine sector ready and it would be dangerous for them. So, we needed someone to foster 10 dogs…

Here they are, after a month or so in their foster home:

Buzlyo, the puppy who escaped “Ecobalance” and didn’t visit the Municipal shelter:


He wasn’t very social with people, so he spent a few weeks in a different foster home, where he was the only dog. It worked, he got much better.

Snejko, the largest, yet, the calmest of them all:


Wasabi, the crazy one who even managed to brake his leg and had an operation:


Kiki, the tiniest of them all:


Quinta, the mommy’s girl:


Palav, the reason for every menace in the house:


Bavo, food and sleep is enough, thank you:


Yara, the shy one:


Ginger, mom’s copy:


And last, but not least, the heroine mother, Gina:


We are extremely happy to inform you, that the whole family is no longer in Bulgaria, but live in families in Holland (some of them in foster homes, other – in forever ones!).

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Well, this is it. Our cuties got lucky. Bye, babies! All the best and please, send us photos again!




23 March 2015 | Blog

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