A mother

17 March 2015 | Blog

A mother will understand. She knows the sacrifice, the devotion, the care, in all causes …

A mommy, mommy dog, showed us how powerful love can be, how brave the heart is, when you need to protect your child…


Sunny is just a stray dog. She is so small – how has she even survived outside ?!


Sunny has raised her babies, looking for food in bins and begging people. Until the day an owner releases his dog and it  rushes toward the helpless puppies.


Nothing could stop Sunny to protect them – nor she was much, much smaller than the  attacker, neither  the fact he broke her spine like a match …


Sunny managed to save only one of her babies, but paid a huge price – she will never walk again, never run. But she is a mother and keeps on – looking for food in trash bins and begging people for help, but this time – dragging on her front paws…


Sunny and her little girl are now with us. A tiny mother-heroine and her tiny child. Sunny does not complain. No crying, no regrets. Takes care of her child, with so much love.




What will happen then? We do not know. We can only admire this mommy and pray for luck …

17 March 2015 | Blog

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  1. Jolanda Tebrugge

    Mijn hart huilt voor deze lieve kleine en dappere mama hondje Sunny !

    Als het had gekund of mogelijk was geweest dan was ze van harte welkom bij mij geweest !!! Hele dikke knuf lieve Sunny XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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