Doing what we do, being where we are… It is all worth it for one and only reason – the happy endings! This feeling, when you see once unwanted animal in its new family, it pays back the cruelty we see, the pain we witness every day…

And here they are – the ones we’ll no longer worry about:
Bobby spent with us more than 4 years. Very unfair, having in mind that Bobby has always been such a lovable and sweet boy. We are so happy to tell you, that thanks to Joanna Ivanova, from now on, he will be an apartment pet.



Sam has had good luck on his way here. He was hit by a car, found and operated pro bono in Central Vet Clinic and spent just a few months with us, before his people find him!



This tiny baby also didn’t wait too long, before his road crosses Constantine Bonev!

There were several candidates for Raya. We were worried how we’ll choose the best one, but at the end we even didn’t have to, because Raya chose by herself. For her, it was a love of first sight at the moment she Alexandra Mechkova!



Thanks to the adoption weekends in Pets&U, our sweet Amora from now on will be called Hella and will go wild in the home of Christiana Muhovska!

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Also adopted in Pets&U are Rony, the funny shortlegged girls, taken home by Rumen Stoykov and the cat Topcho, adopted by Desislava Dimitrova and Slavi Georgiev!





As we said CONGRATULATIONS and all the best to adopters and animals!

11 March 2015 | Blog

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