Bubi the menace

23 February 2015 | Blog

Well, that was a surprise!

We were afraid that with the broken spine, Bubi will never walk or stand again, despite the operation.


But only a few days after her surgery, made thanks to your donations, Bubi is not only walking on all her legs, but also proved keeping a dog in the office (because for now this is the only warm place in “The Farm”) is not a very good idea.

So, the news about her are great!


This morning we found the office ruined:

The door of her cage was broken, which means she is standing well.

Everything from the tables was put down on the floor, which proves she can stay on her back paws freely.

Bubi was so happy with her menaces, so we presume the pain is gone.

Thank you, dear friends, for giving her life!

Every breath she takes,

Every move she makes,

Every glass she breaks,

This is thanks  to you!


23 February 2015 | Blog

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