Once again: 24 new lives

17 February 2015 | Blog

Another great trip gave homes and happiness to 24 of our doggies!

We thank our partners from Holland for being there for our less fortunate animals!

The first one is the Daughter – we named her so, because she was walking after d-r Polly Ilieva like a duckling after his mother. She had a very bad street life – she was hit by car at least twice and as a result of the bad way the bones healed, her hips were so tight, that she couldn’t eat any hard food. Noone wanted to adopt her here, but thank God the Dutches don’t mind giving wet food forever.



6 puppies, abandoned near our shelter and found at the very last moment, before they go out on the main road. They spent 3 month in a foster home and now finally went home for good. By the way, they aren’t usually pink, but their blanket was red and painted them…





Probably some of you recongized in them Michail and Michaela – yes, this is them, among their litter. After their weekend in Pets&U when noone liked them, it was about time to grab someone’s heart…



The same story as them have Dori and Dash – they were raised in a foster home, went to the pet shop and then come back to us. Happy end!

Dori (3)


Dash (2)


Freya was adopted few months ago. Recently her owners changed their mind and brought her back to the shelter. Luckily, she spent only a few weeks, before her Dutch happiness to appear!



Kelly and Kary are two sisters, two sweet teddy bears. We were very surpised noone like them here, but anyway, now they are home.


Kari (3)Kelly (4)


One extremely litter came in the Farm a day we found out there is distemper in the shelter. The good thing is they came with their mother, so their immune system was much better.

Here they are – 8 puppies!





Raya is one of the many reasons we don’t like hunters… She was bought for a hunting dog, but as good and lovable as she is, this didn’t work. So, she end up in a shelter. Good thing she end up in our shelter, so now she is home!





Marco is one of our distemper survivers! We are so happy he made it through the bad and now is the time for the good…




Santo and Trick are the last heroes in this saga. They both were found by good people who took care after them until we find a home.




So, this is it! 24 lives saved, more to come!


17 February 2015 | Blog

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