Regards from the pug Pavlinka

11 February 2015 | Blog

Hello dear people!

Do you remember me? It is me, Pavlinka, the elderly pug.



For about a year and a half I am not with you in the shelter, but at home with my mom and dad. A lot of people thought I won’t live much…. but I am fine and healthy.



I have my everyday rituals: every morning and evening I sing a song, before breakfast and dinner; I always tell my mom when I need to go out and in the evenings I always make mom and dad take me on the couch, so I can watch TV with them. Sometimes I have to shout at little Max, if he makes Mom and Dad angry or if he wants to eat my food… Of course, every night I spent with Mom and Dad in the bed – otherwise I cannot sleep. Probably this is because my stay on the street… But everything is OK now.



I am so happy! Щастлива съм!
I have jackets, a wide choice of nice food, Mom and Dad take me with them everywhere – even on the seaside! I have a young friend – Max (he is a pug as well) and sometimes he is the one who takes care after me, and other times – I need to act as his mother. We are very attached to each other. …
I even have a doctor of my own – D-r Genov from the Central Vet Clinic. He watches for my health and calls me “My darling”.



I want to thank you for saving me from the street and gave me to my Mom and Dad!

I also want to thank you, that you keep on saving other unfortunate doggies like me!

I wish you all the best in this year and to tell you one more time how happy am I!

I attached and some photos of me, to see how fine I am.

Kindest regards,



11 February 2015 | Blog

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