So far, Stefan undoubtedly got lucky. After the appearance of photos and videos on Facebook, showing the dire situation of the front legs, many people committed to help him. In the life of this homeless dog in Varna, appeared Alexander and his friends. They found him a temporary home and took care of him while finding an option.





When we went to Sevlievo to take him (Alexander managed to organize his transport from Varna to Sevlievo), we found him much better looking, thanks to the food and care he had in his foster home:



But now we have the task to take care of his feet. He needs arthrodesis on his both legs to walk again normaly and without pain. Despite the special prices weget in Central vet clinic, his operation would cost 700 BGN.

Jorge is a typical rural “pet” cat. His story is also typical for rural cat. About a month ago he was shot with an air rifle. His leg was broken and as the time passed it cicatrized badly. Yesterday, limp and helpless,  Jorge again met a “man”. He was kicked. The kick broke not only the already broken leg, but his spine as well. Naturally, the idea of paid vet was not on the öwner’s”agenda, so Jorge was abandoned in the Farm.

According to Dr. Zlatinov the chances of full recovery of Jorge are big. But there is no time to wonder – the leg should be break again at the old fracture and adjusted properly and to fix the new fracture. More urgent, however, is fixing the spine. Operations 3 in 1, which will exceed 1000lv.



We are already owe money to CVC, because of Valentina and some old patients who needed nail removes.

Unfortunately, we do nota have 1700lv for Stefan and Jorge.
The amount is huge, we know that, but we have no choice but to asking you for help. Both guys have no chance without you!
If you want to  help us saving Stefan and Jorje,you can donate by epay, paypal or bank. You can also donate for them on spot at Central Vet Clinic (just don’t forget to say the name of the animal you want to donate for).
The chances of raising the whole amount are small, so, please, mention the name of the animal you would like to donate for. We will not be able to decide alone whose life to to save …



05 February 2015 | Blog

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