Here we present you the new group of animals which changed the harsh Bulgarian reality with new homes in Holland!

IMG_6274   It is said that black dogs are adopted most rarely. For Bulgaria, it is valid for brown dogs. Being brown is the only “bad” thing we can say about Otto – he spent with us years and years, and all this time he was the best dog! Sadly, noone adopted him, because of his browness… But enough – he is now with people, who can see beyond the color and straight in his heart!  We cannot be happier for him right now!


Holly   Arda, Roxy and Holly are from our distemper survivers. They have struggled for their lives a lot, but  as you can see, it worths it – they are now healthy and at home!


Bush and PliumDiesel and Melody


Bush&Plium and Melody&Diesel are out of litters, prepared for adoption in foster homes and didn’t get lucky during their adoption weekends in Pets&U. Well, it obviously was so, because their happiness was in the land of the tulips:)

Yori-male-15.09.2014    So it was for Yory – his sister was adopted, and he stayed to wait for his future. Good thing he didn’t wait for too long…


Galin-male-15.09.14   This is Galin. Or used to be – new country, new home, new name…

Koko-male-15.09.14   Koko

Luna-female-15.09.14   and Luna – different puppies, same story – dumped as tiny puppies, found and raised by wonderful foster families. For us was left the last part of the rescue – finding new homes. Done!

10656399_10203694852709440_493879724_n   We couldn’t believe, when our partners told us they would like to take Athena – for years in the shelter, she never stopped being anxious and scared, when around people. It seems the only thing she needed was a home – we already see photos of her, cuddling in bed with her fosters in Holland.


Maya, female, 06.2014Mika-female-11.2013

Pinkoleta - 20.05.2014-2   Last, but not least, are the kitties! Five of them will now purr away from the streets of Sofia!

We want to thank our partners in Holland, for helping this wonderful gang and our supporters and donors, for helping the happy end happening! 18 animals saved! Thousands to go!


29 January 2015 | Blog

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