Sharo’s new home

27 January 2015 | Blog

When we took the signal for Sharo – a dog with a huge tumor on the head – we were hoping we can help him.



After the tests and examinations, we felt desperate – there was nothing we could do to safe him.



There was only one good news – Sharo isn’t in pain. So, if we could find him a home, he could spend his last days (or weeks, or months) happy, calm and loved…

But is it even possible? Finding a person, who’d love Sharo even with this huge scary tumor on his face, sounds impossible. Is there such a person, who’d `take a dog,  for which we know won’t live long?

Well, here’s the answer – Sharo was adopted!
IMGP5572 (1)

Our vet, d-r Marieta Stankova, decided Sharo is too sweet to spend alone his final time. She decided, after he was betrayed by the humans when he needed them most, she can at least try to comfort him and give him warmth, security and love.

Now Sharo shares a coach with our great Marieta, Diva (also adopted from us a few years ago) and Ochko (an abandoned old one-eyed dog she saved from the street)!



Marieta says Sharo is very happy and gratefull! We are happy and gratefull as well! Thank you, Marieta, for being such a great person!

We wish you and Sharo many more happy days!




27 January 2015 | Blog

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