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26 January 2015 | Blog

It was supposed to be a calm Saturday here, in the Farm, as it was a working day.
Instead of this there were:

101 good fellows

Exactly 95 volunteers joined our 6 people from the staff during this rainy Saturday!
We are xtremely happy that so many people decided to dedicate their day in helping the animals:)


Each of our 200 dogs got more than one hour personal attention!


Thank you, dear friends and come back soon!

A chance one in a million!

This is one lucky friend! He fell down in a trap in an abandoned and ruined house and the chances that someone hear or see him were so, so minimal!
He stayed there for many, many days, when suddenly Lolita and Simeon entered that place to see shoot a movie. The rest is clear – they saw him and called us. This is what out people saw when reached the place:

DSCN5880 (1)

We took him:


And examined him:


He is about 6-7 years old boy and spent not less than a week in this trap! He is extremely dehydrated and infected – he wounded his mouth when he fell and a week (at least a week) later the infectiin is severe!


Now, when he is safe, everything looks much more better!


To survive a carcrash like a boss!

A chubby lady did it – survived a car crash like a boss – she was lucky enough to be taken by eyewitnesses, immediately brought to the Farm, examined and sent to the Central Vet Clinic!


Her broken elbow needed a surgery. And got it.

photo (1)

Of course, we already owed money in the clinic and now we made a second operation without actually paying it, but -look at her – how could we say no?!?

So, that was our Saturday. A normal day in the Farm…

26 January 2015 | Blog

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