Oh, Valentina!

21 January 2015 | Blog

We don’t want to comment on people’s behaviour any more…
What is this? Sickness, sadism or what?

This is Valentina. We received a signal for a dog, bleeding for hours on the street.



An urgent visit to d-r Zlatinov in Central Vet Clinic showed us what happened with her – she was shot, from a very close distance and with hundreds of pellets inside. There were two fractures on the leg and no time for thinking, so d-r Zlatinov made an operation to try saving her leg. It will cost us nearly 1000levs, which we couldn’t pay, but there was no time for doubts…



Valentina is less than one year old. We really hope that this was the worst part of her life and the good is to come…

If you want to support us in saving dogs like her,
you can donate or buy our wonderful calendar! 

Cross your fingers for her!




21 January 2015 | Blog

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  1. Елица

    Моят дядо почина днес. Той много обичаше животните и това дарение е в негова памет (не е първото нито последното което правя). Но това е в негова памет.
    А на това кученце и на всички вас желая живот и здраве.

  2. Точно така!

    И от мен… Нито ще е първото, нито ще е последното! Продължавайте да се грижите за животните! Щастлив съм, че Ви има!

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