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19 January 2015 | Blog

And again we have multiple good news! What kind of news? Well, it includes a long trip, new homes, wagged tales and happy faces – both human and animal faces!

Here, let us introduce you some new Austrians!

Alfred is a 9 months old cocker spaniel. In his short life, until now  he had 3 homes. His first owner abandoned him at a friend’s and never came back for him. The second person decided to give Alfred in our shelter, but in front of “The Farm” he met someone who wanted to adopt a dog from us. They talked and decided the easiest way for them is that the candidates just take Alfred – no contracts, no interviews, no questions… Well, it didn’t work well, and a few months later the third owner left Alfred at our place and told us his long story. He is a cutie and we never understood why he wasn’t chosen during his stay with us, but the most important fact is- from now on,  Alfred’s home will be a forever home!


This sweet husky came to “The Farm” several months ago. We are very happy Snowflake is no longer a farmer, but we must admit – we will miss her. She has a great character and a happy personality and she’ll make her owner proud and happy!


Archy is an English setter, found somewhere in the country from a good person. He was barely alive – sick and slim. His rescuer treated him, loved him and fostered him for a whole year. He was healthy, but he needs only special food, which is costy. Probably this is the reason noone wanted to adopt him in Bulgaria and his foster asked us for help. Archy’s people saw him on pictures and decided – he is going to be their dog! We already receive letters from them, telling us they were absolutely right – they are his people and he is their dog!


Paspartu is an Austrian, too. He is a one year old sweetheart, which was adopted as puppy and a few months later - abandoned again. It happened so, that his Bulgarian fostermom 
writes herenow, so happy tears are included. Good bye, sunshine!


Rocko, one year old boy, was found in Sofia and prepared for adoption in a foster home. 
Lucky guy - even from the beginning!


In foster homes were prepared and the youngest Austrians - the puppies.

Santo and his sister had their adoption weekend in Pets&U, but didn't meet their people 
there. Anyway, both got lucky - his sister was adopted here, in Bulgaria a bit later, and Santo decided to learn German instead.


Apollo and Akko are brothers, found in a cemetery. 


Brothers are also Track and Tick. They were found in a forest, together with their mother and sister.


And Amelie was dumped near a vet's cabinet. A good vet, indeed - he fostered and prepared her for adoption.


As always – Kalcho (that’s the name of our van) didn’t come back empty!

Once again, our wonderful Sandra Stibi and her friends not only found loving homes for our doggies, but also managed to collect a tone of dog food!
Dry food for the farmers:
10934320_10203869285957982_1163354572_n (1)


And canned food for the oldies:


With the efforts of so many people, these 11 dogs are no longer unwanted, no longer unhappy!
Thank you, dear Sandra, for loving them as much as we do!
Thank you, dear donors for making this trip possible!
Thank you dear fosters – without you, these puppies wouldn’t be there now!

19 January 2015 | Blog

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