Well, probably it had to be expected. After we took Vasilena, it was normal to find another dogs in trouble on the next big holidays. So, you are about to meet the patients from 6th and 7th of January – which are name days for Ivan and Yardan in Bulgaria. It is also time to update you about Vasilena and, as we started anyway – to let you know about Foxtrot as well.

If you wonder why exactly these dogs – it is because they all live in the only warm room in our shelter now – in the office.


He is a puppy about 3 months old. He was hit by a car, but fortunately for him – the bone is only cracked, nothing’s broken. With good care and food, at a warm place, he will be fine without operation.


Operation “Foxtrot”

Foxtrot was adopted in Holland about a year ago. Recently he started limping and the vets in Holland diagnosed him with very heavy hip displasia. The operation in Holland was too expensive for his owners. They also didn’t agree to send him back in Bulgaria for it, because they didn’t trust Bulgarian vets. At the end our Dutch partner took him back from the adopters and he came here. We all were so surprised, when d-r Vladislav Zlatinov told us he has no dysplasia at all – the problem is a rotation of the bone, which could be made better quite easy. The operation was paid by our Dutch partners and now Foxy recovers pretty well. This case is the reason we only work with organizations, not adopters abroad, because we always want to know someone keeps on taking care after our dogs. But when Foxtrot recovers completely, we will certainly send all his medical history to his Dutch vets.


Ivan Grozny

You may think that Ivan had a bad luck, but we want to assure you his guardian angel did his job! We received a signal for bleeding dog and send Miro and d-r Stankova.  The X-rays told their story – Ivan was shot! The bullet passed through his leg, lungs, a few milimetres from the heart and went out.

The miracle here is that he is not only alive, but except the leg, he has no other damage! We decided to try saving the leg instead of amputating it, and he was operated. We still don’t know if the leg will be saved, but we are sure d-r Zlatinov did the best.






Vassi is now recovering after the surgery. You may see from the X-rays before-after, the great job d-r Zlatinov did!

At the beginning she was not very fond of us, but now understood who gives the food and makes the room warm, and even is happy to see us.



Vassilena, Bono and Ivan received the best medical care, thanks to all of you, who bought out gorgeous calendar!
If you still don’t have one, but you want to help us in saving more animals like them, you can still buy or order it!


13 January 2015 | Blog

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